Saturday Confessions

Saturday, farewell to this week. Goodbye to the things I left unfinished. I confess I didn't exercise as I should have this week. I was not as productive as I had planned. I pray God, that the coming week I will work harder to serve you. I pray that I will be a more devoted servant to you Lord and more loving wife. Please Lord let me be more patient towards my children and more generous with my time. Lord I ask you to give me strength next week to persevere to keep my house clean, my garden watered and my lawn mowed. God I ask for wisdom when I am budgeting my time and that I may find balance. I strive to pray more and spend time in your word. Please Lord help me to be a Godly woman, wife, and mother with my eyes aways fixed upon you Lord.



Simple Life

We have made a life change. We have cut the chaff. Matt and I are committed to stay focused on the Lord, our marriage, our children, our place and being productive in all we do. I love the spring time when you experiene renuw and regrowth. After a long winter I am starting to feel alive again. I am going to participate in http://vintagechica.typepad.com/summerunschool/ with my children. My husband has made me a garden at last, there is much work to be done.


Yeah My Books are here.

I want so badly to read them all. I need so much time. I have 8 thousand projects in the works and MY house is messy and I need to exercise so I am not a tub of lard in Mexico in less than 2 months and I need to get the outside ready cause winter is a comin'.

About Me

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